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Road to Nowhere

USA, 2010
Krimi, Thriller, Drama

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The true crime story of a beautiful young woman, Velma Duran, and her older politico lover, Rafe Taschen. When their fraudulent kickback scheme goes wrong, it leads to the death of a sheriff’s deputy and ends with the starcrossed lovers’ dramatic suicides.

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Road to Nowhere Regie Monte Hellman


Monte Hellman uses the porous agility of digital video to highlight the duration and the mechanical states of the world, keeping all the seconds necessary for a hair blower to dry the fresh nail polish on the protagonist, or the slow process of the mechanical arm that locates a song in a jukebox. Like Jean- Luc Godard or David Lynch . . . Monte Hellman lives with his time without ever becoming his creature.
August 01, 2011
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