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Solidão Povoada

Regie Óscar Alves
Portugal, 1976
Avantgarde, Drama

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The first feature‐length film by Óscar Alves, and the only melodrama in his brief directorial career. Set in Lisbon after the revolution of 25th April 1974, a city that aspires to be cosmopolitan, the film portrays two middle‐class couples and the hidden relationship between the two males.

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Solidão Povoada Regie Óscar Alves

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  • josé neves's rating of the film Solidão Povoada

    Alves only experience of a feature‐length film, an existential drama about the multiple possibilities of human relationships, clearly in a gay perspective, but also political, being a portrait of the conventional cowardice that still persisted (and remains) in Lisbon society. Less chimerical than his camp exercises, with some singleness of purposes and results.

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