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The Tiger of Eschnapur

Der Tiger von Eschnapur

Regie Fritz Lang
Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Frankreich, 1959
Fantasy, Abenteuerfilm

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After his Hollywood career flatlined, Fritz Lang returned to Germany for this late-career triumph. Told in two-parts, the “Indian Epic” is the adventure of a German architect who falls in love with the Maharaja’s intended bride—and is pulled deeper into a lethal maze of traps.

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The Tiger of Eschnapur Regie Fritz Lang
The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Indian Tomb are deceptively complex meditations on Lang’s favorite themes. . . . Lang’s career was still utterly compelled by his contemplations of ingrained human impulses towards violence, repression, despotism, and paranoia underlying surface social codes, and his incisive perspective was scarcely diluted by age. But he was still also an accomplished fabulist, a talent who constantly battled the dark side of his imagination and occasionally embraced the lighter.
January 23, 2018
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Throughout, Lang constantly endeavors to beguile and delight the eye, to inspire the viewer with a sense of wonderment—“childlike” wonderment, if you prefer, though the grand, harmonious symmetry of the film’s design could only be the result of a lifetime’s diligent artistic practice.
October 09, 2012
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Like Georges Franju’s re-appropriation of silent serial forms and motifs in his relatively contemporaneous feature film version of Judex (1963), the undisguised bareness of these films and the sheer directness with which Lang approaches the exoticism, the mysticism, and, most importantly, the construction of his film, carries it very carefully, very methodically into another place. That is a place of calm, a serene calm whose source of power is the mystery of the film
June 20, 2011
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