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Die Letzten beißen die Hunde

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

USA, 1974
Krimi, Komödie, Drama

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Seven years after a daring bank robbery involving an anti-tank gun used to blow open a vault, the robbery team temporarily puts aside their mutual suspicions to repeat the crime after they are unable to find the loot from the original heist, hidden behind a school chalkboard.

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Die Letzten beißen die Hunde Regie Michael Cimino


The film’s images are filled with a pointillistic profusion of detail… that’s as alluring as it is nerve-jangling. Cimino’s wide-open West is a wonder and a snare, blending freedom and cruelty, innocence and ignorance; its expanses seem blood-soaked and death-haunted. With its mix of spectacle and intimacy, exuberance and tragedy, “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” points ahead to the radical extremes of Cimino’s 1980 masterwork, "Heaven’s Gate.
June 23, 2017
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A wryly funny, strangely sweet road movie built around the chance partnership of a greenhorn crook and an old hand (Bridges and Eastwood, respectively) looking for a big score, it has a real feel for the contemporary west—Cimino would always favor Albert Bierstadtesque landscapes fringed with whitecap mountains—and the ceremonies of masculine ribbing.
October 01, 2016
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[Cimino] showcases an innate ability for reflecting subtext in form. The film doesn’t turn a blind eye to the passage of time and its attendant changes, yet it never undermines the expansiveness of its visuals. As with John Ford, Cimino in his prime had an uncanny ability to make location backdrops an extension of characters’ internal thoughts and thematic conflicts, as well as a projection of their mythic force of will.
February 20, 2014
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