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Jugoslawien, Deutschland, 1995
Komödie, Drama, Kriegsfilm

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Emir Kusturicas gefeierter Film, eine unvorhersehbare schwarze Komödie epischen Ausmaßes, erzählt die Geschichte des modernen Jugoslawiens anhand der Jahrzehnte umspannenden, oft absurden Abenteuer zweier Freunde.

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Underground Regie Emir Kusturica


Emir Kusturica establishes the freewheeling tone of Underground from its opening seconds, with the film roaring into life on the boisterous din of a brass band that doesn’t so much march through Belgrade’s streets as it sprints through them while blaring its music in an accelerated triple-time whirl. . . . The manic intensity of this opening stretch prefigures a film that maintains its sense of sweeping, grandiose farce even as the action narrows.
February 18, 2018
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Emir Kusturica’s greatest achievement, an epic satire that takes on a full half-century of Balkan history. . . . UNDERGROUND is filled with rollicking comic set pieces, gloriously outsized characterizations, and near-constant marching band music—it feels as much like party as it does a film. Kusturica has been compared often to Federico Fellini, yet there’s a sense of formal control underscoring the chaos here that’s arguably beyond anything the Italian director achieved.
February 02, 2018
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Possibly his best film, certainly his most significant, this tragicomic epic allegory about Yugoslavia’s troubled 50-year trajectory simultaneously crowned and crippled Emir Kusturica’s previously meteoric career… Tragedy replayed as farce (Kusturica’s favourite mode), it has a thematic and visual audacity (communism as a cellar, a postmodern take on the ‘red western’, the float-away wedding party) that compensates for its hectic overload.
March 04, 2016

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