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Walkabout - Der Traum vom Leben


Regie Nicolas Roeg
Großbritannien, Australien, 1971

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Verloren stapfen eine Vierzehnjährige und ihr kleiner Bruder durch die australische Wüste. Hier hatte ihr Vater sie ausgesetzt und sich dann das Leben genommen. Nur ein junger Aborigine, der von seinem Stamm auf den ‘Walkabout’, einen Initiationsritus, geschickt wurde, kann ihnen helfen.

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Walkabout - Der Traum vom Leben Regie Nicolas Roeg
Because it’s Roeg behind the camera, the imagery takes on the feverish intensity of a vision quest. A box office flop, Walkabout courted controversy for its depictions of animal murder and the fact that Agutter was only 17 when she filmed her nude scenes; it has since been reevaluated as a signal film for the Australian New Wave and one of the great art house freak-outs of the 1970s.
November 26, 2018
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Of course, it should come as no real surprise that Roeg, who first distinguished himself as a cinematographer, would be able to convey a story in visual terms, but it was that audience’s response to the subtleties of the characters’ emotions that most underlined his achievement… Don’t Look Now should be proof enough that, more than any other British filmmaker of his generation, Roeg has the ability to create pure cinema. But the finest example of his gift remains Walkabout (1971).
May 18, 2010
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While Walkabout may have been his proper directorial debut (he shared billing on the grimacing, sociopathic Performance with Donald Cammell), it’s far more significantly his final cinematographic statement… Descriptions of plot are likely to suggest a preachiness that isn’t at all present in the film’s rhythmic, heady form, but this, too, communicates how deftly Roeg straddles the fascinatingly fecund border between impotent, imagaic mood piece and bland cautionary tale.
May 17, 2010
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