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Reverses #2: Love Folds Space and Time

Our continuing series on the power of the reverse shot. Tony Scott’s Déjà Vu riffs off of Hitchcock’s Vertigo with the latest tech.

From Tony Scott's Déjà Vu (2006), featuring Denzel Washington and Paula Patton; cinematography by Paul Cameron; editing by Jason Hellmann and Chris Lebenzon. Part of our series Reverses.

I just happened upon this same short moment while looking over the shoulder of a subway laptop movie-watcher, and in the midst of my dingy morning commute was struck by it’s delirious fluidity.
Sounds like the perfect way to catch this, Ben! Reminds me of that preposterous plot element of Scott’s PELHAM remake of someone using wifi on a laptop in the NYC subway to video chat with their significant other.
Seriously beautiful
Good connection, Hugo! & thanks Adam.
I’ve always said that it’s one of the great aughts moments…
Meanwhile, in 1931, The Road to Singapore combines a reverse-across-space with a shot worthy of your earlier series “The Camera Moves”:
WOW! That’s amazing, Juliet! Is that your upload?

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