Soundtrack of the week

Daniel Kasman
This week’s notable soundtrack is for Jean-Luc Godard’s Nouvelle vague (France, 1990), which was tragically awarded the top undistributed film of the 1990s vote by Film Comment magazine (click here for that poll). What is particularly special about ECM’s deluxe release of this soundtrack is that this is not the score to Godard’s film but the soundtrack itself! This means this two-disc set contains the entire audio track to the film (sound effects, music, dialog, etc.). This makes for a particularly unique and immersive experience since Godard is one of those rare filmmakers who treats his soundtracks with as much care and consideration as his image tracks. The additional allure of this CD release for U.S. listeners is that because we are literally unable to see Nouvelle vague we must imagine the cinema to fit the sounds! To find out more about ECM’s release, visit the CD’s webpage here.


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