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Kate Lyn Sheil

Kate Lyn Sheil

“I guess if you want to be involved in movies, I don’t know if it’s true for everyone, but for me, just educate yourself as best you can. Become part of the world; go see the movies that are the kinds of movies you would want to be in or would hope that a movie you would be in would be even half as good. And be part of the film community. That’s kind of the only advice that I can give because that’s the only thing I can pinpoint, besides working hard or caring about it a lot and being dedicated.”

Available to Watch

    Queen of Earth


    ALEX ROSS PERRY United States, 2015

    Calling upon the tradition of the psychological chamber thriller, Queen of Earth unites an astonishing Elisabeth Moss with Katherine Waterston to burrow deep into the complicated identities of two disaffected women. A fiery exploration of the iron grip emotions—both interior and exterior—have on us.

    Radio Mary


    GARY WALKOW United States, 2017

    Adapted from his own novel, Gary Walkow’s eerie, beguiling ghost story stars Kate Lyn Sheil as a woman haunted by a Mephistophelian mystery man and newfound telepathic powers. A new gem from a prizewinning independent filmmaker.

    The Sound of Silence


    MICHAEL TYBURSKI United States, 2019

    Peter Sarsgaard often operates according to his own enigmatic frequencies, and here the character actor exactingly fine-tunes his persona as an eccentric intellectual. Playing an audiophile who has a near-mystic obsession with ambient sounds, he exudes weirdness in a magnetic performance.


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