Photo of Manfred Kirchheimer
Photo of Manfred Kirchheimer

Manfred Kirchheimer

“There are two roads that younger filmmakers can follow: They can go directly to what is current, and that’s a valuable thing to do. Or they can take my approach, which is to choose a subject to one’s liking and deal with it in a way that the politics and point of view stand out. As you know, I don’t follow the headlines. My films are political, but they’re not of the moment. I think there are going to be plenty of filmmakers who are going to do things like that (of the moment) right now, based on what’s happening. But I don’t. I’m not going to change my ways because of this situation.”

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    MANFRED KIRCHHEIMER United States, 1981

    Undersung for decades, but beloved among the few who knew his name, Manfred Kirchheimer has been an ardent chronicler of New York City since the 1960s. Sampling the graffiti that once colored the metal-gray subway in this 45-minute treasure, he celebrates the indomitable creativity of the people.


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