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Mihály Vig

[Spellbinding Music on Mihály Víg]: (About The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford) If not for the contemplative pace of the 2h 40mn drama, there are definite echoes of Mihály Víg’s music in Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s soundtrack for the film – an all instrumental piano-led haunting and hypnotic score arranged for cello and strings.

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    BÉLA TARR Hungary, 1994

    This exquisite restoration of Hungarian maestro Béla Tarr’s magnum opus has been a long time coming. Shot in languorous, extended takes and riven with mordant humour, Sátántangó is a pungent, Beckettian epic of the human condition. Don’t let the running time put you off, this is essential cinema.


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