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Mikael Persbrandt

“I could do the whole monologue of Hamlet, "To be or not to be..."”

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    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2022

    Christmas has come to the Kingdom, as our little band of spiritual warriors make their last stand against the forces of evil. With demonic doppelgängers, telephone menu systems controlled by the minions of Satan, and a climactic reveal for the ages, The Kingdom Exodus reaches its epic conclusion.



    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2022

    Lars von Trier returns to the original haunted hospital of his ’90s TV sensation with this dazzling limited event series. Set in the run-up to Christmas, The Kingdom Exodus serves an incomparable blend of horror and humor on a compulsively entertaining path towards the promise of Armageddon.

    The Congress Dances


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2022

    The owls are not what they seem in this episode, as von Trier is reunited with one of his former stars, here playing a shape-shifting emissary of Satan. His is an infernal introduction, but the best is saved for Alexander Skarsgård, as the Swedish lawyer who has inherited his dad’s porcelain throne.

    Big Brother


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2022

    As Karen’s quest draws her into a netherworld far beyond the Kingdom’s nondescript wards, Lars von Trier’s visual imagination meets the moment. The return of Udo Kier—monstrously reincarnated as the embodiment of the hospital’s ailing soul—conjures a climactic torrent of phantasmagoric spectacle.



    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2022

    This episode finds Lars von Trier on dexterous form, leaning harder into horror while upping the comic stakes in the war between the Swedes and Danes. As Helmer encourages acts of minor sabotage, from feigning illness to asking stupid questions, Christmas is approaching, and the apocalypse is nigh.