Photo of Saunder Jurriaans
Photo of Saunder Jurriaans

Saunder Jurriaans

“We go about it like we're one brain. We really try to tackle everything together. Sometimes, there’s a situation where something needs to be really classical, and Danny [Bensi] definitely has more of a traditional classical background than I do, so he'll spearhead it. I'll get in there and mess with it, and it’ll get less classical.”

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    SEBASTIÁN SILVA United States, 2015

    Sebastián Silva assembles a winning ensemble cast for this, his fifth feature: a film about many things at once—pregnancy, gentrification—but most of all something more complicated, frequently, and fascinatingly elusive. A surprising film that builds and builds to a truly killer, knockout ending.


    ALISTAIR BANKS GRIFFIN United States, 2010

    Not all festival-hip indie films are shaggy dog stories. This Cannes-selected feature debut—produced by directors Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene) and Antonio Campos (Simon Killer)—belongs to a group of filmmakers thankfully crafting indie cinema in European arthouse traditions.


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