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Udo Kier

“I phone up my friends and say, 'Fuck you! I made 200 movies!' 100 are bad, 50 you could watch, and 50 are good. I think as an actor if you can say you made 50 good films, amen.”

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    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2003

    A withering indictment of American social values, written and directed by a man who has never set foot in America, Lars von Trier’s Dogville is an ambitious provocation. With an all-star cast led by Nicole Kidman, this epic Brechtian drama is a raw examination of small-town hypocrisy and prejudice.

    Breaking the Waves


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 1996

    From controversial director Lars von Trier comes the first entry in his Golden Heart trilogy, which was followed by The Idiots and the Palme d’Or winning Dancer in the Dark. Starring Emily Watson in an uncompromising performance, Breaking the Waves remains one of Von Trier’s finest achievements.



    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 1991

    This early triumph by Lars von Trier, which won no less than three prizes at Cannes, is one of his most bizarre yet accessible works: a feverish retooling of film noir, an unhinged thriller, and a visually mind-blowing odyssey into a nightmare of our past.

    The Unheavenly Host


    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 1994

    Strange things are happening in the underbelly of a Danish hospital in Lars von Trier’s long unavailable cult TV phenomenon. Stunningly restored in never-before-seen versions, The Kingdom I is a wickedly funny supernatural mystery. Let the battle between good and evil commence!



    LARS VON TRIER Denmark, 2005

    A difficult yet rewarding film from the equally complex Danish provocateur Lars von Trier! This fiercely polemical, little-seen sequel to Dogville tackles a topic as sensitive as slavery, all the while maintaining its predecessor’s Brechtian premise, anti-American bent, and yes, its brilliance.




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