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Jarhead - El Infierno espera


Dirigida por Sam Mendes
Estados Unidos, Alemania, 2005


Based on U.S. Marine Anthony Swofford’s 2003 memoir of the same name, a sniper during the Gulf War finds difficulty carrying on with his assignment when he starts to imagine his girlfriend is cheating on him back in the States.

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Jarhead - El Infierno espera Dirigida por Sam Mendes

Reseñas críticas

Mendes has been smart enough to hire some of the best sound and image people in the business for each of his features, including the late Conrad Hall as cinematographer on American Beauty and Road to Perdition and Walter Murch (sound designer and editor of Apocalypse Now) as editor on Jarhead. But he hasn’t been smart enough to transcend the ideological confusions of his scripts; instead he uses his inventiveness and the talents of others to distract us from those confusions.
November 04, 2005
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