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Perder la razón

À perdre la raison

Dirigida por Joachim Lafosse
Bélgica, Luxemburgo, 2012


Like millions of other couples, Mounir and Murielle fall in love. Like millions of other couples, Mounir and Murielle have children. But unlike them, they accept to give up their autonomy by agreeing to live with Mounir’s well off adoptive father.

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Perder la razón Dirigida por Joachim Lafosse


Cannes Film Festival

2012 | Ganador: Un Certain Regard - Best Actress

São Paulo International Film Festival

2012 | Mención Honorable: Critics' Award

César Awards

2013 | Nominado: Best Foreign Film

Ultimately Lafosseovie is more interested in the doctor, a charming monster, than in the woman. Some viewers may be sickened by their sadomasochistic relationship, but Lafosse and his actors throw themselves into it.
October 04, 2013
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Though Lafosse’s handling of the actors is pitch-perfect, his sense of structure is more problematic. The decision to start the movie at the end and then jump back several years undercuts the drama; because the viewers suspect what’s coming (especially if they’re familiar with the case Our Children is based on), the foreshadowing becomes transparent, each detail an indicator of things to come. It’s a minor flaw, considering how deftly Lafosse constructs the film’s middle section.
August 01, 2013
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Dequenne, as clamped down here as she was feral in Rosetta, makes Murielle’s feelings of suffocation entirely credible, but director Joachim Lafosse hasn’t conceived a formal strategy that conveys more than garden-variety unhappiness.
August 01, 2013
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