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  1. AngM's rating of the film 360


  2. dorusan's rating of the film 360

    Let's imagine serendipity for a moment, then let it go.

  3. captainfez's rating of the film 360

  4. SafeStanding's rating of the film 360

    Similar concept to Babel with interlinking stories. The problem with 360 is that the characters are not developed enough to keep an interest.

  5. Sam's rating of the film 360

    Good concept but it fell slightly flat. I enjoyed the film but it wasn't as memorable as it could have been. Some well developed characters given how many there were and some good links between them. Some nice shots and transitions. Some good links to the overall concept.

  6. Renton47's rating of the film 360

    As someone with a soft spot for the "everyone is connected" drama, a genre where the good don't fall too far from the bad, this entry seemed especially laughable. Perhaps due to a lack of any real premise, or returning characters, which makes this feel more vignette oriented. Weird attack on sex in a 'globalised' world, the Ben Foster plot seemed esp. misguided. Not anger-inducing, just... nothing.

  7. Luca Lana's rating of the film 360


  8. Wee Hunk's rating of the film 360

    This is a nice little movie. Good acting, good interaction of the plots. Plus Rachel Weisz. I do think the pretty people have better endings. It's up to us ugly people to protect them by prostituting ourselves.

  9. dave gunn's rating of the film 360

    Decent stories about people making decisions at sudden "forks in the road" enforced by an all-star cast, though it probably could have done without one or two of them.

  10. venenatis's rating of the film 360

    2.5* I was expecting better :(

  11. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film 360

    Dull, unimaginative, prisoner of its own artifice.

  12. amicinema's rating of the film 360

    Ne parliamo qui:

  13. Joaopa's rating of the film 360

    não é apenas um filme com histórias que se cruzam, mas é uma narrativa que privilegia estes encontros e desencontros que fazem parte da vida. com o costumeiro bom gosto de meirelles a história se torna algo mais.

  14. violentango's rating of the film 360

    Na pegada de contar historias paralelas que se entrelaçam como no Crash, Babel e Closer, 360° proporciona cenas bem legais, mas nada que te faça chacoalhar.

  15. Lorena Brandão's rating of the film 360

  16. Steve's rating of the film 360

    Excellent film! Loved it

  17. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film 360

    not bad, quite entertaining & Hopkins was THE man - true story !

  18. J. O.'s rating of the film 360

    The design was sterile and the locations were almost completely void of their respective personalities (Colorado's airport felt the same as London's apartment that felt the same as the museum district in Vienna and so on) - yet the film still managed to tell a good story, weaving characters in and around themselves all over the globe. Great direction, good performances, overall a well-crafted film.

  19. cenup's rating of the film 360

  20. Guilherme Bellia's rating of the film 360

    'yet another parallel narrative film

  21. Garry Eunson's rating of the film 360

    Held the attention well enough, but it was as empty as a commercial for a mobile network. As is the want of this type of film some of the stories were more interesting than others. But they all fealt a little false. Does every parent video there children's performances on mobile phones?

  22. filipequintans's rating of the film 360

  23. Dani Cury's rating of the film 360

    I really don't know how they manage to ruin this. I'm a fan of Fernando Meirelles' previous work and love many of these actors, but this film... Nothing really happens, all the stories are so shallow. Very frustrating.

  24. Milena.'s rating of the film 360

    Feels like a waste of a great cast on superficial characters with ill-developed plots.

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