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  1. Photo of Oqtay Mirqasımov

    Oqtay Mirqasımov Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Vaqif Samadoğlu

    Vaqif Samadoğlu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rashid Behbudov

    Rashid Behbudov Cast

  4. Photo of Inara Quliyeva

    Inara Quliyeva Cast

  5. Photo of İnna Leşşinskaya

    İnna Leşşinskaya Cast

  6. Photo of Liya Eliava

    Liya Eliava Cast

  7. Photo of Mavr Pyasetski

    Mavr Pyasetski Cast

  8. Photo of Rasmi Cabrayılov

    Rasmi Cabrayılov Cast

  9. Photo of Adil İsgandarov

    Adil İsgandarov Cast

  10. Photo of Rafiq Azimov

    Rafiq Azimov Cast

  11. Photo of Adil İsmayılov

    Adil İsmayılov Cast

  12. Photo of Nasiba Zeynalova

    Nasiba Zeynalova Cast

  13. Photo of Aydın Mahmudbayov

    Aydın Mahmudbayov Cast

  14. Photo of Mayak Karimov

    Mayak Karimov Cast

  15. Photo of Rafiq Qambarov

    Rafiq Qambarov Cinematography

  16. Photo of Rafiq Babayev

    Rafiq Babayev Music and Cast

  17. Photo of Rafiz İsmayılov

    Rafiz İsmayılov Production Design

  18. Photo of Nelli Mahmudova

    Nelli Mahmudova Editing

  19. Photo of Akif Nuriyev

    Akif Nuriyev Sound