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3 Idiots

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani
India, 2009
Comedy, Drama, Romance


Farhan and Raju go on a quest to search for their long lost friend and classmate, Rancho. They encounter a forgotten bet, a wedding they must crash, and a funeral that goes out of control. As they make their way through the perilous journey, Farhan and Raju recall the memories of their college days.

Our take

Hugely successful at the box office both domestically and overseas, this buddy epic sees director Rajkumar Hirani mix slapstick with coming-of-age drama while dissecting the many sides of modern bromance. A big time entertainer, featuring some of Bollywood’s most accomplished song-and-dance scenes!

3 Idiots Directed by Rajkumar Hirani

Awards & Festivals

Awards of the Japanese Academy

2014 | Nominee: Best Foreign Language Film

Critics reviews

Under the guise of a zany college comedy mixed with a typical romance — all seen in flashbacks — Three Idiots winds up being a surprisingly touching look at a world mired in conformity, propriety, and social hierarchies. As if to counter that, the song-and-dance scenes are both impressively choreographed and irreverently unhinged.
October 28, 2015
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What are people saying?

  • dionysus67's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    Playing up -but also turning on its head- every possible romance/moralistic cliché from feel-good crowd-pleaser films, Hirani delivers an epic fresco on moral excellence (within human fallibility) and adumbrates a hymn to science's role in reaching lay people. The couple of choreos are splendid, the excess with color justified, the Rector hilarious, while Khan and Kapoor glow with vitality. Guiltless, jubilant fun!

  • Huey McEvoy's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    More than perhaps any other country's cinematic output, it's difficult to judge commercial Indian cinema by any usual standard. So long as it features charismatic stars, a solid story and some peppy songcraft, that's enough. 3 Idiots represents this type of filmmaking at its best - albeit with some clumsy 'serious' moments - and Aamir Khan is always watchable. Was I entertained? Yes I was.

  • Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    Mega producción Hindú, tiene todo lo que podemos esperar de un film de Bollywood, coreografías, canciones, tientes dramáticos etc etc. Sin embargo si eres fanatico de la comedia inteligente te sentiras ampliamente defraudado el nivel de comedia es bobo, ni siquiera estupido, bobo e infantil. Leí muchas cosas buenas sobre ella pero no pude con ella.

  • BUSHRA's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    why do people not get that bollywood dramas are overly dramatic? do you think that the situations that happen in this movie really do not happen in indian life because let me tell you, there's actually no exaggeration. so amazingly inspirational and moving and real and sincere and i can't believe the depth and complexities everyone conveyed. simply amazing.

  • André Capuano's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    Eu eu minha esposa adoramos o filme. Tem a exacerbação indiana. Muitas cores, danças, músicas e lágrimas. O riso com que lidam com assuntos muito sérios e o trânsito veloz entre drama, comédia, musical e épico é contagiante. O diretor usa todos os recursos que tem à mão, criando uma obra de afirmação à vida e à criação.

  • Yang's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    Love this film in all it's melodramatic, goofy yet "deep and serious" glory. Yes there are moments of cringe, of on the nose deep talk. But the film is simply endearing, funny and undoubtedly touching.

  • Clarice Treml Gomes's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    Ainda que extremamente dramático e de um humor bobo, não me impediu de chorar e rir por todo seu percurso, às vezes ao mesmo tempo. A amizade dos três idiotas, a reflexão sobre a Academia e o estudar, tudo consegue ser passado de um jeito que entretém, inclusive as músicas, mesmo para quem, como eu, não é muito fã delas no meio de filmes. All izz well vai ficar algum tempo na minha cabeça.

  • Peyton's rating of the film 3 Idiots

    legit cannot remember the last time i had this much fun watching a movie. what a complete and total breath of fresh air. this one's gonna stay with me for a long time! wow!

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