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  1. Photo of Cristiano Abud

    Cristiano Abud Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cris Azzi

    Cris Azzi Director

  3. Photo of Thales Bahia

    Thales Bahia Director

  4. Photo of Lucas Gontijo

    Lucas Gontijo Director

  5. Photo of Guilherme Fiúza Zenha

    Guilherme Fiúza Zenha Director

  6. Photo of André Carreira

    André Carreira Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Luís Abramo

    Luís Abramo Cinematography

  8. Photo of Juarez Pavelak

    Juarez Pavelak Cinematography

  9. Photo of Luiz Arthur

    Luiz Arthur Cast

  10. Photo of Gero Camilo

    Gero Camilo Cast

  11. Photo of Cynthia Falabella

    Cynthia Falabella Cast

  12. Photo of Murilo Grossi

    Murilo Grossi Cast

  13. Photo of Leonardo Medeiros

    Leonardo Medeiros Cast

  14. Photo of Nivaldo Pedrosa

    Nivaldo Pedrosa Cast

  15. Photo of Carlos Magno Ribeiro

    Carlos Magno Ribeiro Cast

  16. Photo of Jece Valadão

    Jece Valadão Cast

  17. Photo of Armando Mendz

    Armando Mendz Editing and Director

  18. Photo of Felipe Minicucci

    Felipe Minicucci Editing

  19. Photo of Célio Balona

    Célio Balona Music

  20. Photo of Victor Mazarello

    Victor Mazarello Music

  21. Photo of Lucas Miranda

    Lucas Miranda Music

  22. Photo of João Carlos 'Joca' Fragoso

    João Carlos 'Joca' Fragoso Sound

  23. Photo of Fernanda Starling

    Fernanda Starling Sound

  24. Photo of Claudio Valdetaro

    Claudio Valdetaro Sound