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Directed by Isiah Medina
Canada, 2015


You can not pay your bill. Your heat and lights are cut. You pay. The clocks initially flash 88:88. You set the clocks. You can not pay. You pay. 88:88. Repeat. 88:88. Cut. You stop setting your clock to the time of the world. You make do with suspension. 88:88.

Our take

A gorgeous and provocative new kind of digital image-making, breaking rules and inventing its own, 88:88 explores the challenge and beauty of living in and thinking through our world. A kaleidoscopic first feature from young director Isiah Medina.

88:88 Directed by Isiah Medina
It’s a challenging movie: polyphonic, polypictorial, but not confrontational, in fact pretty chilled-out; if it were featured on Top Gear the hosts might praise its speed, dynamic facility, and stability of suspension… I had a hard time with the film, but like any complicated work revisitations in whole and in part yield stronger comprehension; accordingly, new insights rise to the surface.
April 05, 2016
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The images to me have a beautiful natural flow—I don’t see them as jarring or stuttery—and the soundtrack, like in a lot of films, at least initially seems like an afterthought. I think that obviously this is the sort of film that we are invited to re-watch/re-listen to.
April 05, 2016
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As a means of cinematically rendering the poor outside of “cry of the fishmongers” condescension or reductive melodrama,88:88 is fascinating. But it’s truly worth watching for its boundless sense of enthusiasm, its heart-on-sleeve desire to capture the essence of everything on film, be it a still life of a sunbeam perfectly striking the indent of a pillow on which a head recently slept, or one of Medina’s friends as they alternate between rhetorical and conversational dialogues.
April 04, 2016
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