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  1. Photo of Richard Thorpe

    Richard Thorpe Director

  2. Photo of Dorothy Cooper

    Dorothy Cooper Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dorothy Kingsley

    Dorothy Kingsley Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aleen Leslie

    Aleen Leslie Screenplay

  5. Photo of Joe Pasternak

    Joe Pasternak Producer

  6. Photo of Albert Sendrey

    Albert Sendrey Music

  7. Photo of George Stoll

    George Stoll Music

  8. Photo of Robert Surtees

    Robert Surtees Cinematography

  9. Photo of Harold F. Kress

    Harold F. Kress Editing

  10. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  11. Photo of Paul Groesse

    Paul Groesse Production Design

  12. Photo of Norwood A. Fenton

    Norwood A. Fenton Sound

  13. Photo of Wallace Beery

    Wallace Beery Cast

  14. Photo of Jane Powell

    Jane Powell Cast

  15. Photo of Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth Taylor Cast

  16. Photo of Carmen Miranda

    Carmen Miranda Cast

  17. Photo of Xavier Cugat

    Xavier Cugat Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Stack

    Robert Stack Cast

  19. Photo of Scotty Beckett

    Scotty Beckett Cast

  20. Photo of Selena Royle

    Selena Royle Cast

  21. Photo of Leon Ames

    Leon Ames Cast

  22. Photo of Clinton Sundberg

    Clinton Sundberg Cast

  23. Photo of George Cleveland

    George Cleveland Cast

  24. Photo of Lloyd Corrigan

    Lloyd Corrigan Cast

  25. Photo of Jerry Hunter

    Jerry Hunter Cast

  26. Photo of Jean McLaren

    Jean McLaren Cast