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A Faithful Man

L'homme fidèle

Directed by Louis Garrel
France, 2018
Drama, Comedy, Romance
  • French
  • English


Years after Marianne leaves Abel for his best friend, they get back together after her first husband, Paul, dies. It seems to be a new beginning, but Abel finds himself in all sorts of drama: feelings of jealousy in both Marianne’s son and Paul’s sister, and unsavory questions about Paul’s death.

Our take

A Faithful Man, from America’s latest heartthrob—director, co-writer, and star Louis Garrel (Little Women)—is the perfect Valentine’s Day choice. Co-written by frequent Buñuel collaborator Jean-Claude Carrière, the film playfully shifts between drama and comedy, subtle murder mystery and love story.

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Casta and Garrel generate wary warmth as a couple rediscovering each other, while Depp and Engel provide the comedic ballast.
July 19, 2019
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It takes confidence and a healthy amount of narcissism to direct yourself in a farce about two women who engage in competitive psychological gamesmanship for the pleasure of your company. . . . But in "A Faithful Man," the director-star, Louis Garrel, plays with the premise’s surface egotism in funny, understated ways.
July 18, 2019
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Punctuated by the adult protagonists’ introspective voiceovers, A Faithful Man draws vitality from the primal pleasures of storytelling.
October 12, 2018
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What are people saying?

  • Mitchell Abidor's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    Having grown up around and in the often pretentious films of his father, A Faithful Man is a tribute to Louis Garrel's strength of character and, more importantly, his talent. This film is more Truffaut than Philippe Garrel, and so more accurate and enjoyable on the subject of the intermittences of the heart. I loved it when I saw it in the movie theater, and love it every bit as much the second time around.

  • Michael Rozek's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    I hated to see it end. Put another way, it should be twice as long--even, spawn sequel after sequel, with the same actors playing these same characters--it's that pleasurably rich in humanity, that wonderfully French. And even amidst all the liaisons it depicts, it's also refreshing to see it fulfill its title--in an age of universal unfaithfulness. The four leads, the script/direction: all, spectacularly good.

  • NCMBianchi's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    Very unusually structured, and visually daring. Nothing amazing, but deserves a high score for being so good at delivering emotions and sensations through neatly ordered scene in just 75 minutes.

  • Pok's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    4.5 Breve, dinámica y llena de detalles entrañables (como la mesera que advierte sobre los platillos o el error en la edad de Ève al contar una anécdota). Mezcla comedia romántica con farsa e incluso un murder mystery quizás imaginado. Garrel se dirige a sí mismo con ligereza, interpretando a un hombre atrapado entre dos mujeres, su pasado y su porvenir, confundido y sin saber qué hacer. Divertida y muy francesa.

  • Jon Olsen's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    Saw this one last year at SIFF, and actually enjoyed it until near the end, when it veered sharply away from its own dark sense of humor. I was poised to text all my friends of a certain sardonic sensibility and urge them to seek this film out...and then it gutter-balled hard. So frustrating when such a promising film abruptly loses all its teeth and shuffles off in a sentimental muddle.

  • Han's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    The films explores the concept of loss and acceptance in a relationship. As well as the idea of faithfulness both waiting for a partner and the idea of non cheating. After leaving her partner Abel for his best friend, eight years later she returns only to find things are not the same. It teaches the idea of cherishing love especially when you currently possess it. A faithful man has a deep story line and need a watch

  • Kailey Lechner's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    This movie started dramatically right off the bat with Marianne telling her boyfriend Abel that she is pregnant with another man’s baby. I was interested to see where it went. We met Marianne’s son, Joseph, and was told she killed the husband. I got a horror vibe, until it changed to this unrealistic battle for Abel. Marianne told Abel to have sex with Eve as if it were a game. The movie was good, but confusing.

  • Alexandra herschman's rating of the film A Faithful Man

    A fresh and contemporary story about how to feel love for others and the self. Louis Garrel stars in and directs this film about two women competing for his affections. But it seems to me that it fails an even more basic test of humanity, since this pair of female adventurers aren’t even really characters, so much as fantasies.

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