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  1. C'est Bastien's rating of the film A Generation

  2. tintinmugshot's rating of the film A Generation

    It's a gem. Remembers me Casablanca, cold, cheap, dark, unique. It's a cinema when characters are not supposed to feel, but breath.

  3. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film A Generation

    An excellent look at the transition of Polish youths from optimistic rebels to serious underground resistance fighters. Set during the German occupation of Poland, the tone develops in intensity, the risks are always clear, and wartime horrors are hinted at throughout (sometimes with impressively stark imagery).

  4. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film A Generation

    Sombre! the richest chiaroscuro of history, and Polanski ! in short pants with a pistol, throwing geese about the street.

  5. Ark V's rating of the film A Generation

    well executed plot about the reckless comradery of youth in times of struggle

  6. dannyjp1981's rating of the film A Generation

    Narratively a little simplistic, but still, a pretty impressive debut feature. There are done very evocative and powerful moments: the opening on the train; the bodies hanging from power lines; a sudden and swift moment of self-sacrifice.

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film A Generation

    Premier long métrage d'Andrzej Wajda qui affirme déjà un réel talent de narration cinématographique dans cette lucide description, quelquefois à la limite du film documentaire, de la résistance varsovienne, thématique qu'il poursuivra encore avec efficacité et réalisme lors de ses prochaines réalisations...

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film A Generation

    I like a good socialist resistance film more than most but this one is a bit of a carricarure and in a genre that had many great pieces, fails to shine in spite of its obvious qualities. Would probably have been different at the time it was issued.

  9. anthony's rating of the film A Generation

    fascism, communism, capitalism...but the only person I want to listen to more of is the old dude that served on the Manchurian front...

  10. ermete polpette's rating of the film A Generation

  11. marco's rating of the film A Generation

  12. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film A Generation

    Le Wajda des années 50 reste très expressif, mais aussi très intéressant rétrospectivement. Vivement le Wajda des années 70/80 ! Question de "génération"... c'est (presque) comme la drague : en allant au ciné ou sur tinder !? ;-)

  13. RoRoRoro's rating of the film A Generation

  14. cyrikelly's rating of the film A Generation

    Un film de qualité, une jeunesse qui vendra chèrement sa peau dans une Pologne ravagée par la seconde guerre mondiale.

  15. Henri's rating of the film A Generation

    Poignant et réaliste, un beau film de guerre et d'amour.

  16. Jota-D's rating of the film A Generation

    Émouvant, belle jeunese dans des clairs obscurs.Un très beau film qui se la ramène pas.

  17. Ludovic72's rating of the film A Generation

    Wajda montre l'initiation de jeunes Polonais aux grands idéaux communistes et à la lutte contre l'occupation allemande. Certes, l'image est impeccable, mais la mise en scène reste très classique et le symbolisme un peu trop pesant, malgré de très beaux passages et de jeunes acteurs émouvants.

  18. ADZERTY's rating of the film A Generation

    Un film mythique avec le tout jeune Roman Polanski et la participation du grand Komeda !!! Merci MUBI !!!

  19. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film A Generation

    It’s is mostly fine, and primarily throwaway and unexceptional, except for one sequence that is pretty damn impressive compared to the rest of the film. The sequence in question is the murder/suicide of one of the main underground freedom fighters of a revolt against the Nazis in Warsaw, which features a series of great shots and realistic and surprisingly unique use of bullet impacts, both on objects and an arm.

  20. Samuel T.'s rating of the film A Generation

    While I love Polish film to the edges, I'm no expert on Wajda, but this pales in comparison to his early uprising tales Kanal and Ashes. Baby Polanski in short shorts being smacked around is a highlight. A young man falls for a beautiful resistance recruiter/ organizer. She gets caught, she's a goner, he's sad. I'm wildly attracted to the woman who I work for; maybe a reminder not to mix business with pleasure.

  21. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film A Generation

    El título del debút de Andrzej Wajda no solo da pista a la historia ficcional, sino también al estado coyuntural por el que pasaba el país. Es la década del 50 y Polonia busca desligarse de las ideologías comunistas. Hay un desencanto y una necesidad por renovar los nuevos discursos. "Generación" se conduce a esto. Concebir la identidad y rebelarse ante la opresión. Es además un aire melancólico; fin de lo romántico.

  22. Patrick's rating of the film A Generation

    Stach did it for the love of pussy not country. That is why this movie is great.

  23. joey Noodles's rating of the film A Generation

    Underwhelming. At no point in this film did I have much interest in the characters or in what was going on, it just felt very heavy handed and careless. However, the photography is fantastic and there are some haunting images and scenes in here. Not a bad debut, but he would go on to do better things. 3/5

  24. Caro_its's rating of the film A Generation

    Laborious beginning until the woman character showed up. This part of polish history is very interesting but the movie is mostly describing the situation. Roman Polanski is also in, for his first film, he was 22.

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