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  1. Photo of Suzana Amaral

    Suzana Amaral Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Autran Dourado

    Autran Dourado Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sabrina Greve

    Sabrina Greve Cast

  4. Photo of Eliane Giardini

    Eliane Giardini Cast

  5. Photo of Cacá Amaral

    Cacá Amaral Cast

  6. Photo of João Antônio

    João Antônio Cast

  7. Photo of Benício Aleixo Bernardo

    Benício Aleixo Bernardo Cast

  8. Photo of Neuza Borges

    Neuza Borges Cast

  9. Photo of Tânia Botelho

    Tânia Botelho Cast

  10. Photo of Erasmo Xavier da Costa

    Erasmo Xavier da Costa Cast

  11. Photo of João Luiz Pompeu de Pina

    João Luiz Pompeu de Pina Cast

  12. Photo of Itamar Gonçalves

    Itamar Gonçalves Cast

  13. Photo of Nayara Guércio

    Nayara Guércio Cast

  14. Photo of Gê Martu

    Gê Martu Cast

  15. Photo of Cida Mendes

    Cida Mendes Cast

  16. Photo of Braz Mendonça

    Braz Mendonça Cast

  17. Photo of Delmar Mendonça

    Delmar Mendonça Cast

  18. Photo of Eric Nowinsky

    Eric Nowinsky Cast

  19. Photo of Júlia Pascale

    Júlia Pascale Cast

  20. Photo of Humberto Pedrancini

    Humberto Pedrancini Cast

  21. Photo of Cláudia Rezende

    Cláudia Rezende Cast

  22. Photo of Fernanda Sampaio

    Fernanda Sampaio Cast

  23. Photo of Chico Sant'anna

    Chico Sant'anna Cast

  24. Photo of Iuri Saraiva

    Iuri Saraiva Cast

  25. Photo of Maria Sílvia

    Maria Sílvia Cast

  26. Photo of Jonathas Tavares

    Jonathas Tavares Cast

  27. Photo of Júlio Vann

    Júlio Vann Cast

  28. Photo of Vismundo

    Vismundo Cast

  29. Photo of Lauro Escorel

    Lauro Escorel Cinematography

  30. Photo of Luiz Henrique Xavier

    Luiz Henrique Xavier Music

  31. Photo of Assunção Hernandes

    Assunção Hernandes Producer

  32. Photo of João Batista De Andrade

    João Batista De Andrade Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Verónica Sáenz

    Verónica Sáenz Editing

  34. Photo of Jorge Saldanha

    Jorge Saldanha Sound

  35. Photo of Yan Saldanha

    Yan Saldanha Sound

  36. Photo of Marjorie Gueller

    Marjorie Gueller Costume Design