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  1. Photo of Maria Sílvia

    Maria Sílvia Cast

  2. Photo of Helber Rangel

    Helber Rangel Cast

  3. Photo of Alvaro Freire

    Alvaro Freire Cast

  4. Photo of Sílvia Cadaval

    Sílvia Cadaval Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Alves

    Maria Alves Cast

  6. Photo of Thaís Portinho

    Thaís Portinho Cast

  7. Photo of Telma Reston

    Telma Reston Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Ribeiro

    Maria Ribeiro Cast

  9. Photo of Wilson Grey

    Wilson Grey Cast

  10. Photo of Jorge Botelho

    Jorge Botelho Cast

  11. Photo of Fernando José

    Fernando José Cast

  12. Photo of Lupe Gigliotti

    Lupe Gigliotti Cast

  13. Photo of José Antônio Ventura

    José Antônio Ventura Cinematography

  14. Photo of Carlos Wilson

    Carlos Wilson Production Design

  15. Photo of K.M. Eckstein

    K.M. Eckstein Producer

  16. Photo of Carlos Alberto Prates Correia

    Carlos Alberto Prates Correia Producer, Director, Screenplay Story

  17. Photo of Zelito Viana

    Zelito Viana Producer

  18. Photo of Carlos Brajsblat

    Carlos Brajsblat Editing

  19. Photo of Geraldo José

    Geraldo José Sound

  20. Photo of Onélio Motta

    Onélio Motta Sound

  21. Photo of Victor Raposeiro

    Victor Raposeiro Sound