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  1. Photo of Lior Shamriz

    Lior Shamriz Director, Producer, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Pierre Menard

    Pierre Menard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nina Fog

    Nina Fog Cast

  4. Photo of Johannes Langer

    Johannes Langer Cast

  5. Photo of Kirsten Burger

    Kirsten Burger Cast

  6. Photo of Imri Kahn

    Imri Kahn Cast

  7. Photo of Patrizia Cavaliere

    Patrizia Cavaliere Cast

  8. Photo of Katja Ozsega

    Katja Ozsega Cast

  9. Photo of Lucas Confurius

    Lucas Confurius Cast

  10. Photo of Horst-Günter Marx

    Horst-Günter Marx Cast

  11. Photo of Anton Garber

    Anton Garber Cast

  12. Photo of Marco Armborst

    Marco Armborst Cinematography

  13. Photo of Assaf Gidron

    Assaf Gidron Music

  14. Photo of Ole Kloss

    Ole Kloss Production Design

  15. Photo of Elsa de Seynes

    Elsa de Seynes Producer

  16. Photo of Jochen Jezussek

    Jochen Jezussek Sound

  17. Photo of Chloe Griffin

    Chloe Griffin Costume Design