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  1. Photo of William A. Fraker

    William A. Fraker Director

  2. Photo of Edward Hume

    Edward Hume Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lewis John Carlino

    Lewis John Carlino Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stanton Forbes

    Stanton Forbes Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert Shaw

    Robert Shaw Cast

  6. Photo of Sally Kellerman

    Sally Kellerman Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Ure

    Mary Ure Cast

  8. Photo of Sondra Locke

    Sondra Locke Cast

  9. Photo of Signe Hasso

    Signe Hasso Cast

  10. Photo of Mitch Ryan

    Mitch Ryan Cast

  11. Photo of Gordon Devol

    Gordon Devol Cast

  12. Photo of Gordon Anderson

    Gordon Anderson Cast

  13. Photo of Victoria Risk

    Victoria Risk Cast

  14. Photo of Leonard Crofoot

    Leonard Crofoot Cast

  15. Photo of Michael St. Clair

    Michael St. Clair Cast

  16. Photo of Liam Dunn

    Liam Dunn Cast

  17. Photo of László Kovács

    László Kovács Cinematography

  18. Photo of Fred Myrow

    Fred Myrow Music

  19. Photo of Ken Runyon

    Ken Runyon Music

  20. Photo of Howard B. Jaffe

    Howard B. Jaffe Producer

  21. Photo of Richard K. Brockway

    Richard K. Brockway Editing

  22. Photo of Milton C. Burrow

    Milton C. Burrow Sound

  23. Photo of Whitey Ford

    Whitey Ford Sound

  24. Photo of Arthur Piantadosi

    Arthur Piantadosi Sound

  25. Photo of Michael Mekjian

    Michael Mekjian Sound

  26. Photo of Patricia Norris

    Patricia Norris Costume Design