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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Patlabor's rating of the film A Time for Dying

    One of Boetticher's worst films.

  2. joey Noodles's rating of the film A Time for Dying

    Bleak and uncompromising, Boetticher presents us with a west that takes no prisoners, everyone who doesn't play by the rules either up dead or as a whore. However, it's probably his weakest, completely uncharacteristic or him and to think this is the same guy who made the Ranown Cycle just doesn't feel right, 3/5

  3. Jake Cole's rating of the film A Time for Dying

    Like a precursor to Wake in Fright. The West as a place of senseless violence and rape, where any naïve newcomer will be brutally plugged one way or another. A baby-faced and peaceful gunslinger, a fresh-faced girl lured into prostitution w/ false job offerings, and a round-faced Audie Murphy as a devilish but weary Jesse James. Never seen a Western so openly acknowledge romanticized brothels as sex trafficking.