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  1. Photo of Franziska Meletzky

    Franziska Meletzky Director

  2. Photo of Elke Rössler

    Elke Rössler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dagmar Menzel

    Dagmar Menzel Cast

  4. Photo of Corinna Harfouch

    Corinna Harfouch Cast

  5. Photo of Kirsten Block

    Kirsten Block Cast

  6. Photo of Christine Schorn

    Christine Schorn Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Gallinowski

    Robert Gallinowski Cast

  8. Photo of Otto Mellies

    Otto Mellies Cast

  9. Photo of Simone Kabst

    Simone Kabst Cast

  10. Photo of Ngo The Chau

    Ngo The Chau Cinematography

  11. Photo of Moritz Denis

    Moritz Denis Music

  12. Photo of Susanne Abel

    Susanne Abel Production Design

  13. Photo of Susann Schmink

    Susann Schmink Producer

  14. Photo of Jörg Trentmann

    Jörg Trentmann Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Jürgen Winkelblech

    Jürgen Winkelblech Editing

  16. Photo of Holger Lehmann

    Holger Lehmann Sound

  17. Photo of Annemarie Laber

    Annemarie Laber Costume Design