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  1. Photo of Mario Camus

    Mario Camus Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carmelo Gómez

    Carmelo Gómez Cast

  3. Photo of Antonio Valero

    Antonio Valero Cast

  4. Photo of Lluís Homar

    Lluís Homar Cast

  5. Photo of Eulàlia Ramon

    Eulàlia Ramon Cast

  6. Photo of Judit Mascó

    Judit Mascó Cast

  7. Photo of José Jordá

    José Jordá Cast

  8. Photo of Václav Vodak

    Václav Vodak Cast

  9. Photo of Carlos Hipólito

    Carlos Hipólito Cast

  10. Photo of Ana Belén

    Ana Belén Cast

  11. Photo of Fiorella Faltoyano

    Fiorella Faltoyano Cast

  12. Photo of Agustín González

    Agustín González Cast

  13. Photo of Fernando Rey

    Fernando Rey Cast

  14. Photo of José Antonio Correa

    José Antonio Correa Cast

  15. Photo of Cesáreo Estébanez

    Cesáreo Estébanez Cast

  16. Photo of Fernando Heredia

    Fernando Heredia Cast

  17. Photo of Jaime Losada

    Jaime Losada Cast

  18. Photo of Roberto Martín

    Roberto Martín Cast

  19. Photo of Anabel Mateo

    Anabel Mateo Cast

  20. Photo of Manuel Millán

    Manuel Millán Cast

  21. Photo of Helio Pedregal

    Helio Pedregal Cast

  22. Photo of Gustavo Pérez de Ayala

    Gustavo Pérez de Ayala Cast

  23. Photo of Itziar Álvarez

    Itziar Álvarez Cast

  24. Photo of Jaume Peracaula

    Jaume Peracaula Cinematography

  25. Photo of Rafael Palmero

    Rafael Palmero Production Design

  26. Photo of Gonzalo Thovar

    Gonzalo Thovar Production Design

  27. Photo of Pepe Ferrándiz

    Pepe Ferrándiz Producer

  28. Photo of José María Biurrún

    José María Biurrún Editing