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1,242 Ratings


Directed by Alejandro Amenábar
Spain, 2009


Egypt under the Roman Empire… Violent religious upheaval in the streets of Alexandria spills over into the city’s legendary Library. Trapped within its walls, the brilliant astronomer, Hypatia, fights, with the help of her disciples, to save the wisdom of the Ancient World…

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Ágora Directed by Alejandro Amenábar

What are people saying?

  • anarresti's rating of the film Ágora

    Very interesting screenplay and bold approach. Very strong blow against the conventional ideas that patriarchy has been propagating through the centuries. A good chance to find clues for how power structures were built, from the basis of western societies, in all aspects, religious, political and scientific. It dares us to think deeply about the role of christianity and gender throughout these last two millennia

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Ágora

    Despite the heavy-handed bias against Christianity and its involvement in Alexandria during this time period, as well as overlooking the historical inaccuracies, this film is quite good. Gorgeous art direction, beautiful photography, and stellar performances. This plays like a classic sword-and-sandal from the Golden Age of cinema, except with a smarter sense of drama that goes beyond sex and violence.

  • Risya's rating of the film Ágora

    Thin plot, the personal interactions of each characters falls flat so it lacks something to pull you in emotionally, and has slow speed. Although the movie never really works, but it still engages because it's actually about something and the realization that then some thousand years after the events portrayed in the film has the relevance in today's world where very similar things could, and frequently do, occur.

  • Penelope q's rating of the film Ágora

    An excellent depiction of professor Hypatia of Alexandria and the destruction of the Alexandria library by the christians. Always religion trying to fight reason, always burning, bringing universal knowledge to the dark ages.

  • Steve Thompson's rating of the film Ágora

    Though bombastic and overcooked in emotional and thematic development, this ambitious tale of ancient Alexandria has some genuine philosophical and ethical integrity, not least due to its solid research and keen relevance to contemporary issues of gender, education and religious fanaticism. Rachel Weisz as earnest but heroic philosopher Hypatia also lends enough genuine dramatic quality to redeem the spectacle.

  • ricardoetatto's rating of the film Ágora

    Más allá de sus virtudes cinematográficas de ser un filme bien realizado e inscrito dentro del estilo hollywoodense de cine comercial y premiable, su mayor importancia radica en la historia que nos es contada por Amenábar, cuyo relato es más actual que nunca en un mundo donde la ignorancia y el oscurantismo perviven por sobre la mayoría, en menoscabo de los que, como Hipatía de Alejandría, amamos el conocimiento.

  • Daniel's rating of the film Ágora

    De como la religión históricamente emplea la ignorancia para mover a las masas, destruyendo a su paso el preciado conocimiento y a quienes difieren de su "fé", exacerbando la intolerancia.

  • Manuel Bernardo's rating of the film Ágora

    Amenábar has a this way to make a movie feel amateurish, and no 50 million $ can change that. But forget his limitations as a director, one could cope with that - its the screenwriter that's loathsome. The film is so in-your-face with its themes that any attempt at profundity is pointless, and the dialog so embarassing that some scenes - eg. when Hypathia is teaching science - are nearly impossible to sit through.

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