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Ecuador, Mexico, 2016
  • Spanish
  • English


Alba is eleven years old and terribly shy. When her ailing mother is hospitalized she is dumped with her eccentric father Igor, who she never knew and of whom she is very ashamed. Very slowly and cautiously, the father and daughter get to know each other.

Our take

This atmospheric coming-of-age tale from Ecuador eschews any sentimentality to convey the shyness and confusion of a young girl as she navigates the troubled waters of childhood. An award-winning first feature, carried by poignant, understated performances.

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Critics reviews

The director is good at showing the way in which this little woman, who has a mature air of womanhood, manages her pain and worries.
March 20, 2017
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Given that she’s playing a character who is all about isolation and solitude, Arias’ performance — she is present in every scene — is amazingly communicative.
June 01, 2016
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What are people saying?

  • Korial's rating of the film Alba

    The little-girl-versus-a-malign-world stories seem to converge in what is a genre on its own. Existence is bleak and unforgiving, loneliness and pain much common than joy; the clouds too thick for hope to rise with the sun; normalcy is a collectively-casted illusion, cruelty a form of entertainment; etc. Even if this path has been beaten, kudos for the uneasiness conjured up and for not have fallen in a sunny finale.

  • Ernesto's rating of the film Alba

    Excelente película. Muy buenas actuaciones, realmente hace revivir escenas personales de lo incómodo que es la pubertad y la ansiedad social que está etapa representa.

  • nica's rating of the film Alba

    Way too perfectly captures the awkwardness of puberty, magnified by class difference and having to stay with her father who she also still has to get to know. The secondhand panic and embarrassment is so realistic and certainly made me relive some of the most socially-awkward moments of my life thus far. Ends on a perfect note as well. Exquisite work by Ana Cristina Barragán.

  • sammy's rating of the film Alba

    It has a clear image of using certain images..kill the butterfly and re-born. However does not enough. Society which creates the inequality should die as well, authority which does not equalise the educational class should die as well. The human being is the one who creates the roles and alienate even for itself. Another perspective of “ pelo malo “. The name of the movie could be even mala sociedad.

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Alba

    "Alba" e despre o față care încercă să descopere ea însăși prin intermediul corpul ei și mișcare său--spre exemplu, înot și dans--în lumea culoarii de lămîie. Poate există durere adîncă și solitudine friguroasă în timpul călătoriei să dar regizoara ne spune că există căldură blîndă simultan. // "Alba"は石灰色の世界で身体を通じて、その動き――例えば踊ることや泳ぐこと――を通じて自分を見つけようとする少女についての作品だ。旅路の最中には深い苦しみや凍てついた孤独も存在しているだろう。それでも温もりもまた在ってくれるのだと監督は語る。

  • SalmaanRafique's rating of the film Alba

    Uncanny how a remarkably silent film says so much about what it means to be an average child in a socio-economic system which lacks empathy. The preference of the Director for a realistic mode of storytelling and with little or no special effects, the film makes for an honest narrative. The acting was remarkable as was the intelligence working behind the scenes. Something to remember for a long time!!!!

  • Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Alba

    Es muy difìcil hacer un cine con pocos diàlogos, màs de personajes y atmòsferas que de argumento, con una preadolescente y el incisivo primer plano. Ese aspecto es de lo màs relevante porque la demanda para la actriz es superior y la directora sabe controlar cada uno de los aspectos. Con pocos lugares comunes, sin los consabidos clichès de la oruga que se transforma en mariposa o los problemas con final feliz

  • cscmilne's rating of the film Alba

    Perfectly encapsulates the transition of a young girl leaving childhood and entering those early stages of pubescence. The cast played magnificently. Simple yet striking in every aspect.

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