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  1. Photo of Mauritz Stiller

    Mauritz Stiller Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gustav Esmann

    Gustav Esmann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hauk Aabel

    Hauk Aabel Cast

  4. Photo of Albin Lavén

    Albin Lavén Cast

  5. Photo of Hjalmar Lauritz

    Hjalmar Lauritz Cast

  6. Photo of Arthur Alftán

    Arthur Alftán Cast

  7. Photo of Gucken Cederborg

    Gucken Cederborg Cast

  8. Photo of Lili Ziedner

    Lili Ziedner Cast

  9. Photo of Harald Madsen

    Harald Madsen Cast

  10. Photo of Stina Stockenstam

    Stina Stockenstam Cast

  11. Photo of August Miehe

    August Miehe Cast

  12. Photo of Anna-Lisa Lindzén

    Anna-Lisa Lindzén Cast

  13. Photo of Manne Lundh

    Manne Lundh Cast

  14. Photo of Erik Lindholm

    Erik Lindholm Cast

  15. Photo of Sigurd Wallén

    Sigurd Wallén Cast

  16. Photo of Julius Jaenzon

    Julius Jaenzon Cinematography

  17. Photo of Axel Esbensen

    Axel Esbensen Production Design