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  1. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Aliens

    Still entertaining but not good as the first one.

  2. meth_'s rating of the film Aliens

    GOAT. After rewatching this I just realized that a huge portion of this movie was just Ripley being gaslighted ://////////

  3. WildCardLucas's rating of the film Aliens

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Aliens

    Non-stop action with so many alien monsters, guns and characters in constant peril that it's hard to control my pulse while viewing this intense film. It also take it's time to build up characters and the drama so that one really cares about the characters and their fate. Lance Henriksen also do the best android that has ever been on screen. A sequel that dare to be different in style and content.

  5. AwkwardZoneDefeated's rating of the film Aliens

    Maybe one of the best working action sci-fi movies I've ever seen.

  6. Bob's rating of the film Aliens

    In the original, Ripley just happened to be the one who managed to survive. Here, she is surrounded by incompetent, irresponsible and unlikable characters who's main purpose is to make her and a little girl look strong, which doesn't pay off well. And their survival in certain situations is insulting. Set designs are top notch but overall - given its reputation - it's an overpraised and banal cinema piece.

  7. Andrew Lang's rating of the film Aliens

    Finally watched this and......nah

  8. Luca's rating of the film Aliens

    I really enjoyed Aliens, even though R. Scott's Alien was way better than Aliens. The final fight against the "queen bee" was kinda funny. (Last 30-40 minutes I got something like a special effects overdose)

  9. spasmolytic's rating of the film Aliens

    Good but way too long, and like the first one you can barely see the xenomorphs most of the time because it's too dark. This might've been the right decision though because CGI probably wasn't proficient enough back then to show them going HAM.

  10. Daniel's rating of the film Aliens

  11. Z's rating of the film Aliens

    Firmly in my top ten films of all time. ALIENS has been a constant cultural companion since grade school. I had a beloved used copy on VHS that was on constant play/rewind in the old family VCR. Like George Romero's great zombie trilogy, this film forces the viewer to experience and consider a siege mentality. Cameron's film making prowess is on full display here as he crafts the seminal science fiction/action film.

  12. hexhunk's rating of the film Aliens

    What is there left to say? I prefer Alien, but this is a different genre. There's a reason it's a sci-fi classic.

  13. patríciapinho's rating of the film Aliens

    as an alien ally, i find these stereotypes redundant

  14. Addy K.'s rating of the film Aliens

    Cameron's grasp of film craft is equally matched by his understanding of what viewers want from a "movie": story, suspense, exaltation. While Ridley's ALIEN is dark, sexy, space horror; Cameron's sequel is a rousing tale of high adventure, militaristic fetishizing and family bonding. There's a smoothness to it, how it subversively forges Ripley into the hero: at once a leader of men yet always feminine. A classic.

  15. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Aliens

    A noisy assemblage of hardware and gloop. The script is minimal - seemingly composed of contrived locker-room banter by unappealing soldiers - but it cuts a straight trajectory and knows exactly where it's going (back to the start in fact) navigated with gutsy confidence.

  16. Luke Spence's rating of the film Aliens

  17. Ka potem Es's rating of the film Aliens

  18. FISCHER's rating of the film Aliens

    De l'excellent travail sur le classique thème assiégés / assiégeants où le suspense, la mise en scène et surtout les trucages, sont parfaitement réussis...

  19. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Aliens

  20. Tyler Wright's rating of the film Aliens

    The first hour or so is a bit meandering, but once it gets going it doesn't slow down for a second.

  21. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Aliens

    Love this along with the original, different but just as good

  22. Alex Lewis's rating of the film Aliens

    strobes, bullets and steam conveniently mask the fact that nothing is there

  23. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Aliens

    Seen at the Aero in a tribute to Bill Paxton, who was invited to steal every scene he's in. It was a place to be—the crowd cheered every iconic moment. Cameron can make this kind of movie better, tighter, and more exhilirating than almost anyone, even if the movie means nothing. But I left convinced that Alien is the better film. Double bill them, and all that's unspoken and unsettling in part 1 will end up deflated.

  24. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film Aliens

    3.5, how can this one have worse effects than the one from '79 kinda beats me. definetly more action pack entertaining though

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