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  1. Photo of Peter Moffatt

    Peter Moffatt Director

  2. Photo of Christopher Barry

    Christopher Barry Director

  3. Photo of John Michael Hayes

    John Michael Hayes Director

  4. Photo of Robert Tronson

    Robert Tronson Director

  5. Photo of Roderick Graham

    Roderick Graham Director

  6. Photo of Michael Brayshaw

    Michael Brayshaw Director

  7. Photo of Terence Dudley

    Terence Dudley Director and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tony Virgo

    Tony Virgo Director

  9. Photo of Christopher Baker

    Christopher Baker Director

  10. Photo of Michael Bramall

    Michael Bramall Director

  11. Photo of Michael Hayes

    Michael Hayes Director

  12. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  13. Photo of Bob Blagden

    Bob Blagden Director

  14. Photo of Steve Goldie

    Steve Goldie Director

  15. Photo of Kenneth Ives

    Kenneth Ives Director

  16. Photo of Brian Finch

    Brian Finch Screenplay

  17. Photo of Johnny Byrne

    Johnny Byrne Screenplay

  18. Photo of Brian Clark

    Brian Clark Screenplay

  19. Photo of Roger Davenport

    Roger Davenport Screenplay

  20. Photo of Christopher Penfold

    Christopher Penfold Screenplay

  21. Photo of Michael Russell

    Michael Russell Screenplay

  22. Photo of Terry Hodgkinson

    Terry Hodgkinson Screenplay

  23. Photo of William Humble

    William Humble Screenplay

  24. Photo of Anthony Steven

    Anthony Steven Screenplay

  25. Photo of Alfred Shaughnessy

    Alfred Shaughnessy Screenplay

  26. Photo of Joan Salter

    Joan Salter Screenplay

  27. Photo of Kahraman Memis

    Kahraman Memis Screenplay

  28. Photo of Sam Snape

    Sam Snape Screenplay

  29. Photo of Christopher Timothy

    Christopher Timothy Cast

  30. Photo of Robert Hardy

    Robert Hardy Cast

  31. Photo of Peter Davison

    Peter Davison Cast

  32. Photo of Carol Drinkwater

    Carol Drinkwater Cast

  33. Photo of Lynda Bellingham

    Lynda Bellingham Cast

  34. Photo of John McGlynn

    John McGlynn Cast

  35. Photo of Mary Hignett

    Mary Hignett Cast

  36. Photo of Margaretta Scott

    Margaretta Scott Cast

  37. Photo of Johnny Pearson

    Johnny Pearson Music

  38. Photo of David Crozier

    David Crozier Production Design

  39. Photo of Rob Hinds

    Rob Hinds Production Design

  40. Photo of Bob Farr

    Bob Farr Production Design

  41. Photo of Nigel Jones

    Nigel Jones Production Design

  42. Photo of Nigel Curzon

    Nigel Curzon Production Design

  43. Photo of Ray London

    Ray London Production Design

  44. Photo of Ian Ashurst

    Ian Ashurst Production Design

  45. Photo of Stanley Morris

    Stanley Morris Production Design

  46. Photo of Myles Lang

    Myles Lang Production Design

  47. Photo of Henry Fowler

    Henry Fowler Editing