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  1. Photo of Delbert Mann

    Delbert Mann Director

  2. Photo of Paul Monash

    Paul Monash Screenplay

  3. Photo of Erich Maria Remarque

    Erich Maria Remarque Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas Cast

  5. Photo of Ernest Borgnine

    Ernest Borgnine Cast

  6. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  7. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Cast

  8. Photo of Patricia Neal

    Patricia Neal Cast

  9. Photo of Paul Mark Elliott

    Paul Mark Elliott Cast

  10. Photo of David Bradley

    David Bradley Cast

  11. Photo of George Winter

    George Winter Cast

  12. Photo of Dominic Jephcott

    Dominic Jephcott Cast

  13. Photo of Mark Drewry

    Mark Drewry Cast

  14. Photo of Colin Mayes

    Colin Mayes Cast

  15. Photo of Ewan Stewart

    Ewan Stewart Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Sheard

    Michael Sheard Cast

  17. Photo of Katerina Lirova

    Katerina Lirova Cast

  18. Photo of Mary Miller

    Mary Miller Cast

  19. Photo of Denys Graham

    Denys Graham Cast

  20. Photo of Mark Roemmich

    Mark Roemmich Cast

  21. Photo of John Coquillon

    John Coquillon Cinematography

  22. Photo of Allyn Ferguson

    Allyn Ferguson Music

  23. Photo of John Stoll

    John Stoll Production Design

  24. Photo of Norman Rosemont

    Norman Rosemont Producer

  25. Photo of Martin Starger

    Martin Starger Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Alan Pattillo

    Alan Pattillo Editing

  27. Photo of Bill Blunden

    Bill Blunden Editing

  28. Photo of Derek Ball

    Derek Ball Sound