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  1. Photo of Bo Widerberg

    Bo Widerberg Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Per Holst

    Per Holst Producer

  3. Photo of Morten Bruus

    Morten Bruus Cinematography

  4. Photo of Johan Widerberg

    Johan Widerberg Cast

  5. Photo of Marika Lagercrantz

    Marika Lagercrantz Cast

  6. Photo of Tomas von Brömssen

    Tomas von Brömssen Cast

  7. Photo of Karin Huldt

    Karin Huldt Cast

  8. Photo of Nina Gunke

    Nina Gunke Cast

  9. Photo of Björn Kjellman

    Björn Kjellman Cast

  10. Photo of Kenneth Milldoff

    Kenneth Milldoff Cast

  11. Photo of Frida Lindholm

    Frida Lindholm Cast

  12. Photo of Sigge Cederlund

    Sigge Cederlund Cast

  13. Photo of Jörgen Svensson

    Jörgen Svensson Cast

  14. Photo of Palle Arestrup

    Palle Arestrup Production Design

  15. Photo of Per Boström

    Per Boström Sound

  16. Photo of Morten Degnbol

    Morten Degnbol Sound

  17. Photo of Adel Kjellström

    Adel Kjellström Sound

  18. Photo of Lars Lund

    Lars Lund Sound

  19. Photo of Lasse Ulander

    Lasse Ulander Sound

  20. Photo of Johan Winbladh

    Johan Winbladh Sound