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  1. Ludovic72's rating of the film Alphaville

    La science-fiction selon Godard : un mélange de "1984" et du "Meilleur des Mondes", une absence totale d'effets spéciaux hormis quelques images en négatif, un humour absurde digne de Kafka… Indéniablement originale dans sa forme, cette réflexion sur un futur contrôlé par une machine à la "logique" implacable (et un pouvoir totalitaire) reste forte. Certains effets comiques et poétiques vieillissent un peu moins bien…

  2. Sol Petchorine's rating of the film Alphaville

    _ Alpha-60 : Savez-vous ce qui transforme la nuit en lumière ? / Lemmy Caution : La poésie.

  3. Reouth Keren's rating of the film Alphaville

    why are there no english subtitles?

  4. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Alphaville

  5. Claire (bookscoffeeandrepeat)'s rating of the film Alphaville

    I had such high expectations for this sci-fi, dystopian, noir film. I liked the aesthetic, the staging, the effects especially for a film in the 70s. However, it was ultimately not for me because it was just "too masculine" (i.e. violent + sexualizing women). I just don't see the point overall. This was a miss for me but it might be interesting and worth the watch for others. I'm kind of on the fence with my rating.

  6. ΞRIC B∆Ɖ TASTΞ's rating of the film Alphaville

  7. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Alphaville

    Puzzling work of cinema. It's unique and familiar at the same time. Constantine is a stone-faced miracle, Karina is enchanting (as always). Some great cinematography

  8. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film Alphaville

    Worth seeing just to see how it inspired Blade Runner. Its Brechtian challenge for the audience to imagine a lot of its sci fi world is fun and a good way of working around the budget. I loved the Alpha's "computer" voice and how it permeates the movie and spits Borges quotes. Anna Karina is lovable as usual. Constantine as the protagonist Lemmy Caution deterred me though. He is too typically masculine and violent.

  9. Walker's rating of the film Alphaville

    Again, Godard spells out his ideas too didactically at moments, but overall this is beautiful, intelligent filmmaking. Form and content are especially matched here, both in the use of the negative film strip and the lighting patterns, generally. Don't let logic and technology win: they'll crush your soul!

  10. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Alphaville

    7.5/10, my review - “We should not ask 'why', but only say ‘because' in the context of a Godard-ville."

  11. Tobias Schönrock's rating of the film Alphaville

    Love Godard's montage, staging, camera work and all his aesthetic ideas, but dislike this pathos, machismo and overly exhibited intellectualism of his alter ego male characters in some of his movies.

  12. 상빈 윤's rating of the film Alphaville

    Sauve qui peut (la parole, ou l'amour)

  13. Dan. R's rating of the film Alphaville

    I do not think this film communicated any particularly interesting philosophical ideas, i do not think it was beauitful (other than the main actress) and i think it was far from believable and immersive. Pretty flabbergasted as to how it has received so much praise. A surreal, self indulgent french film.

  14. jhubbs's rating of the film Alphaville

    Spectacular, despite the last few lines

  15. Mitra Yousefi's rating of the film Alphaville

    Alpha 60: Do you know what illuminates the night? Lemmy Caution: Poetry.

  16. schmalhans's rating of the film Alphaville

    Great sci-fi parable that highlights body, lust, and love over systemized forms of human existence. Being a cinematographic comment on the Cold War Era, its strong formalism and ingenious camera work highlight the film's universal aprroach. Key Godard!

  17. Epinephrin's rating of the film Alphaville

    Didn't get this one, too complicated and strange.

  18. AVA's rating of the film Alphaville

    Welche Vision dieser Film der 60iger- Hat man doch tatsächlich das Gefühl,mehr und mehr sich dieser Utopie zu nähern.Real.

  19. Rúben A. Jesus's rating of the film Alphaville

  20. Victoriaaa's rating of the film Alphaville

  21. meepy's rating of the film Alphaville

    "Your voice, your eyes, your hands, your lips. Our silences, our words. Light that goes, light that returns. A single smile between us. In quest of knowledge, I watched the night create day while we seemed unchanged. O beloved of all, beloved of one alone, your mouth silently promised to be happy." Can you marry lines of a script? If you could, I would marry the lines in Alphaville. So much yes.

  22. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Alphaville

  23. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Alphaville

  24. David R Williams's rating of the film Alphaville

    Not my favorite Godard. Lemmy's craggy face holds your interest for a bit of time but his deadpan parody performance of classic film noir/hardboiled detectives gets old quickly. Anna Karina seems distracted and detached. ‘’Reality is too complex. What it needs is fiction to make it real,” says the computer. Not real enough.

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