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  1. Photo of Albert Dubout

    Albert Dubout Director, Screenplay Animation

  2. Photo of Kostia Tchikine

    Kostia Tchikine Cinematography

  3. Photo of Guy Bernard

    Guy Bernard Music

  4. Photo of Jean Durant

    Jean Durant Producer

  5. Photo of Louis Winns

    Louis Winns Producer

  6. Photo of Myriam (Borsoutsky)

    Myriam (Borsoutsky) Editing

  7. Photo of France Baryl

    France Baryl Animation

  8. Photo of Bernad

    Bernad Animation

  9. Photo of Lucienne Berthon

    Lucienne Berthon Animation

  10. Photo of Marcel Bouret

    Marcel Bouret Animation

  11. Photo of Jean Junca

    Jean Junca Animation

  12. Photo of Hélène Nivelt

    Hélène Nivelt Animation

  13. Photo of Jean Tirat

    Jean Tirat Animation