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  1. Photo of Donovan Leitch Jr.

    Donovan Leitch Jr. Cast

  2. Photo of Roger Vadim

    Roger Vadim Director

  3. Photo of R.J. Stewart

    R.J. Stewart Screenplay

  4. Photo of George G. Braunstein

    George G. Braunstein Producer

  5. Photo of Mitchell Cannold

    Mitchell Cannold Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Ron Hamady

    Ron Hamady Producer

  7. Photo of Steven Reuther

    Steven Reuther Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Ruth Vitale

    Ruth Vitale Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Thomas Chase

    Thomas Chase Music

  10. Photo of Steve Rucker

    Steve Rucker Music

  11. Photo of Stephen M. Katz

    Stephen M. Katz Cinematography

  12. Photo of Suzanne Pettit

    Suzanne Pettit Editing

  13. Photo of Victor Kempster

    Victor Kempster Production Design

  14. Photo of Rebecca De Mornay

    Rebecca De Mornay Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent Spano

    Vincent Spano Cast

  16. Photo of Frank Langella

    Frank Langella Cast

  17. Photo of Judith Chapman

    Judith Chapman Cast

  18. Photo of Jamie McEnnan

    Jamie McEnnan Cast

  19. Photo of Benjamin Mouton

    Benjamin Mouton Cast

  20. Photo of Dave Shelley

    Dave Shelley Cast

  21. Photo of Thelma Houston

    Thelma Houston Cast

  22. Photo of Kenny Ortega

    Kenny Ortega Cast