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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Faustgelopoulos's rating of the film Animals

    One of the greatest films about adolescence i´ve ever seen

  2. Pymo's rating of the film Animals

    A bear to tell the truth.

  3. sebekk's rating of the film Animals

    A (wild) bear I wish I met while growing up

  4. dave gunn's rating of the film Animals

    This unique film approached coming-of-age (is that fair to use with the deaths?), teen angst, and adolescent sexuality in a special way that borrowed from various genres without sticking to just one or being too dependent on its own little quirks (i.e. Deerhoof the talking teddy bear). The cinematography was beautiful and stylish, the soundtrack was awesome, and the story was fresh. I loved it.

  5. Scotch's rating of the film Animals

    Quite beautiful to look at on multiple levels (the style, the setting, the man-candy), but the story felt a little like disjointed music video scenes smashed with interestingly-angled shots of people thoughtfully and mysteriously looking at things. A little too hip and surface for my taste, but fun. Also, what was Martin Freeman doing in this? Haha.