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  1. Photo of Rosa von Praunheim

    Rosa von Praunheim Director, Producer, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marianne Enzensberger

    Marianne Enzensberger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lotti Huber

    Lotti Huber Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Ina Blum

    Ina Blum Cast

  5. Photo of Mikael Honesseau

    Mikael Honesseau Cast

  6. Photo of Eva-Maria Kurz

    Eva-Maria Kurz Cast

  7. Photo of Hannelene Limpach

    Hannelene Limpach Cast and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tillman Lehnert

    Tillman Lehnert Cast

  9. Photo of Marion Kutschke

    Marion Kutschke Cast

  10. Photo of Elfi Mikesch

    Elfi Mikesch Cinematography

  11. Photo of Konrad Elfers

    Konrad Elfers Music

  12. Photo of Edvard Lieber

    Edvard Lieber Music

  13. Photo of Alan Marks

    Alan Marks Music

  14. Photo of Rainer Ruppert

    Rainer Ruppert Music

  15. Photo of Wilhelm Dieter Siebert

    Wilhelm Dieter Siebert Music

  16. Photo of Inge Stiborski

    Inge Stiborski Production Design

  17. Photo of Christoph Holch

    Christoph Holch Producer

  18. Photo of Renée Gundelach

    Renée Gundelach Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Mike Shephard

    Mike Shephard Editing and Sound

  20. Photo of Ian Wright

    Ian Wright Sound