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  1. mootz15's rating of the film Anonymous

    Based on a discarded conspiracy theory regarding the "true authorship" of Shakespeare's work, this movie nevertheless benefits from some inspiring visuals and is convincing enough as an Elizabethan political sub-thriller of sorts. At the very least Rhys Ifans's performance is unimpeacheable.

  2. Cyril Schreiber's rating of the film Anonymous

  3. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Anonymous!lsrc:GSR-MOV-Title

  4. Movie Blabber's rating of the film Anonymous

    Wait, wait...the director of "2012" is tackling THIS MATERIAL?! Interesting...

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Anonymous

    Interesting historical fiction/reimagining of the legacy/authorship of the plays of William Shakespeare. Technically a triumph with a true artistry by the craftsmen involved on display. Dramatically however a mixed bag. Rhys Ifans rises to the challenge with a career best performance but the rest of the cast seems to flounder especially a miscast Spall. Emmerich's best work since 'Moon 44'.

  6. Easton Dubois's rating of the film Anonymous

    I don't mind the occasional conspiracy theory, George W. Bush is a lizard man who shot Princess Diana from the grassy knoll inside the moon landing movie set on a flat earth but who honestly gives a shit if a lily-wristed frenchman wrote a bunch of boring shit or not?

  7. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Anonymous

    "For truth is truth, though never so old, and time cannot make that false once was true." A masterwork take on Shakespeare, brilliantly-crafted & terrific acting.

  8. The Shadow's rating of the film Anonymous

    Was quite surprised how compelling the storyline was. All the twists are more plausible than what's in the history books. Sumptuous costumes and the set design is incredible with the addition of hardly noticeable CGI.

  9. Rocketeam's rating of the film Anonymous

    Drama, Intrigue, Betrayal and even a bear!

  10. filipequintans's rating of the film Anonymous

    Nunca pensei que fosse adorar um filme de Roland Emmerich.

  11. Eostig Louet's rating of the film Anonymous

    A very ridiculous and expensive soap.

  12. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Anonymous

    Twist after twist after twist, this movie looks like a hurricane.

  13. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Anonymous

    very great & puzzling movie... interesting turn in the real history.

  14. William Low's rating of the film Anonymous

    Emmerich's first venture into historical drama. Although he must learn more because of the bad editing and his mediocre way of telling the stories with many characters, the second half of the film gets better and more interesting. So this is still worth watching and luckily not a complete disaster

  15. tezar's rating of the film Anonymous

    I prefer Roland Emmerich's disater movies to this one

  16. Jordan Wellin's rating of the film Anonymous

    Roland Emmerich's best movie. . . . Which really isn't saying anything.

  17. Reginald Healer Marcellin's rating of the film Anonymous

    One of my most favorite movies ever now. Best History lesson ever. Using plays as political and cultural sabotage? Who knew. Can't understand the hate people are throwing on it. Cannot understand it at all. Excellent story for modern times as is usual with timeless stories.

  18. Manuel Bernardo's rating of the film Anonymous

    A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  19. pamelas's rating of the film Anonymous

    Want to watch a period drama without all those pesky historical facts getting in the way? Anonymous is for you! SPOILER: Not only do we learn that Shakespeare isn't who he says he is, but Queen Elizabeth has illegitimate children and commits incest! Viewers might enjoy if they've flunked European History or are blind drunk at the time.

  20. Lydian's rating of the film Anonymous

    Despite an interesting premise and sharp period details, Anonymous is surprisingly boring; the narrative is sloppy, tepid, and burdened with a long list of characters that I stopped caring about halfway through the film. Emmerich didn't go for a disaster film this time, but the results are disastrous all the same.

  21. Renan Lazzarin's rating of the film Anonymous

    Of course it doesn't take much guts to gather Redgrave and Jacobi to play the life of Shakespeare, but this is a much better film than I would've ever expected, coming from Roland Emmerich.

  22. Carolecats's rating of the film Anonymous

    Interesting but a little confusing, must pay close attention to this one if you want to get it in the end.........

  23. Tigrão's rating of the film Anonymous

    With such an audacious and tricky subject, and by the fact that it is directed by the director of two of the most awful films I've seen (10,000 BC, Godzilla), Anonymous turns out to be a fascinating film, visually gorgeous, and even if this theory has its fans and detractors, the film still remains worth watching, for Rhys Ifans performance and feast-for-the-eye direction.

  24. Everaldo Amorim's rating of the film Anonymous

    Surprised to see this film was directed by R. Emmerich, famous for many stupid movies. Maybe due to the mise-en-scéne and acting, it's an interesting story to watch. Worth viewing by Shakespeare's fans.

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