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  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film Ape

    A good deal of dry humour and some hilarious situations (in a good way). The lead performances are strong and the surreal tint gives it an interesting vibe. Unfortunately, just as the main character, the film doesn't seem to go anywhere - and like him, we start to feel numb. It's a humorous, slow descent into madness, but one that leaves you rather indifferent to what happens on the screen...

  2. Diogo Pires's rating of the film Ape

    Potrykus amateur style reminds me, in a way, of the early Kevin Smith. All of the cast and crew seem to be having fun and that's probably all it takes here. the last part (the third act?) is actually really relieving and that constitutes the great advantage of the film - the character's numbness becomes ours and his frustration. it's a good thing we both made the voyage.

  3. Fabian's rating of the film Ape

    Una gran película con un perdedor de protagonista, tanto que uno se identifica con él. Momentos del dia a día, con crisis existenciales y, por momentos, fuera de lo común. Una gran película con una historia basada en la crisis de su protagonista.

  4. panagiotatos's rating of the film Ape

    everything is so wrong in this uninspired movie.

  5. Isaac's rating of the film Ape

    A atuação principal é excelente, e acompanhar um perdedor numa história ultrarrealista que progressivamente vai se tornando mais estranha, é interessante. A câmera de mão é abusada e causa cansaço, mas a fotografia eaa iluminação são ótimos. Em resumo é um filme com mais potencial do que realização, mas ainda assim agradável de se assistir (isto se tolerar a dor e desconforto propositais no filme).

  6. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Ape

    It gaves face to all those struggling people who wants to be popular and funny, but ends up getting kicked in the nuts or booed. It is better as a drama twhen our lead decide to return the favor by going berserk on others with fire or his baseball bat than when it tries to be "funny". It has a realistic feel but there is no way Trevor would have been let on back on a stage after assaulting an audience member.

  7. siimesand's rating of the film Ape

    excruciating while serving good face

  8. joao.crepschi's rating of the film Ape

    Tédio, perturbação e morte. Como gosto.

  9. TheOnomatopoeicMan's rating of the film Ape

    I almost gave this 4 shmackos but realized this is a vanity project masquerading as art hiding in indie cinema.

  10. Octavian Albu's rating of the film Ape

    Was prepared to dismiss this film and think of it as a project that fell apart for its multiple instances of bad acting. The first half of the movie was thoroughly unrewarding and left me with a stale taste in my mouth but it was definitely worth sticking with it as it delivered punchy memorable scenes that became cohesive, ultimately overwriting what I initially thought of it. 3.5/5

  11. LibertyCapz's rating of the film Ape

    Honestly, didn't really get anything out of this film. It's a pretty straight forward character study about a struggling stand-up comedian who has somewhat of a mental breakdown, and starts hawing certain pyro-manic tendencies. The acting was pretty horrid, and the sound design and cinematography was pretty bland and amateurish. I mean, I get it was the director's debut effort and stuff, but god damn this was rough.

  12. Róbert Gál's rating of the film Ape

  13. BOREALIZZZ's rating of the film Ape

  14. easypz's rating of the film Ape

    Mubi notes it is "discomfiting & can't-look-away." For me these were only passing effects. Film incited too little emotion, humour or imaginative interest to make a claim on my memory much longer than it took to watch. Mobile camera used routinely, perfunctory staging renders static result. Character & study are both active... yet anaemic. Blandness is a kind of provocation, so I give it points for that.

  15. andrei amărfoaie's rating of the film Ape

  16. Rory Dunn's rating of the film Ape

    Contained. Contaminated. Unconvincing. I have all the respect in the world for indie filmmakers, but this film is more tattered remains than rough around the edges. A strong lead performance is bogged down by general poor production and surface level themes.

  17. reijagrrl's rating of the film Ape

    there are no women in this movie. but i dug it anyway. it dragged a bit. but was sufficiently weird.

  18. film_lies101's rating of the film Ape

    a youtube short that goes on for way too long

  19. dave gunn's rating of the film Ape

    A cold, dry humor hangs over this surreal descent into madness as our antihero treads a thin line between reality and his own fabricated anecdotes. Like a more radical version of the epiphany had in Office Space, he liberates himself through extreme outlets while his hopeless fate follows him around, perhaps in an ape outfit.

  20. muse_x's rating of the film Ape

    Oh, man. I needed that! It's like Igby goes down (& he gets back up, swinging); which would make for a good double-feature. Anyway, now I feel bad I've "Fight Club" in my film library, when it's this film that's much better ––in that genre.

  21. OcioActivo's rating of the film Ape

    A very fun and awkward character study. Quite distinctive filmmaking vision at play with how the dialogue and characters function. Loved Buzzard a deal more but Ape serves as a great start and cannot wait to see the next animal-film.

  22. noahboahk's rating of the film Ape

  23. RandyS's rating of the film Ape

    Low budget, indie, slacker fun with a dark twist.

  24. Burcak Konukman's rating of the film Ape

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