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  1. Photo of James L. Brooks

    James L. Brooks Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Laurence Mark

    Laurence Mark Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Richard Sakai

    Richard Sakai Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Laura Ziskin

    Laura Ziskin Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Bridget Johnson

    Bridget Johnson Producer

  6. Photo of Kristi Zea

    Kristi Zea Producer

  7. Photo of Mark Andrus

    Mark Andrus Screenplay

  8. Photo of John Bailey

    John Bailey Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jack Nicholson

    Jack Nicholson Cast

  10. Photo of Helen Hunt

    Helen Hunt Cast

  11. Photo of Greg Kinnear

    Greg Kinnear Cast

  12. Photo of Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Skeet Ulrich

    Skeet Ulrich Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Marks

    Richard Marks Editing

  15. Photo of Bill Brzeski

    Bill Brzeski Production Design

  16. Photo of Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer Music

  17. Photo of Molly Maginnis

    Molly Maginnis Costume Design

  18. Photo of Yeardley Smith

    Yeardley Smith Cast

  19. Photo of Shirley Knight

    Shirley Knight Cast

  20. Photo of Lupe Ontiveros

    Lupe Ontiveros Cast