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  1. Photo of Michael Nyqvist

    Michael Nyqvist Cast

  2. Photo of Frida Hallgren

    Frida Hallgren Cast

  3. Photo of Lennart Jähkel

    Lennart Jähkel Cast

  4. Photo of Helen Sjöholm

    Helen Sjöholm Cast

  5. Photo of Ingela Olsson

    Ingela Olsson Cast

  6. Photo of Niklas Falk

    Niklas Falk Cast

  7. Photo of Per Morberg

    Per Morberg Cast

  8. Photo of Ylva Lööf

    Ylva Lööf Cast

  9. Photo of André Sjöberg

    André Sjöberg Cast

  10. Photo of Mikael Rahm

    Mikael Rahm Cast

  11. Photo of Anders Nyberg

    Anders Nyberg Screenplay

  12. Photo of Ola Olsson

    Ola Olsson Screenplay

  13. Photo of Carin Pollak

    Carin Pollak Screenplay

  14. Photo of Kay Pollak

    Kay Pollak Screenplay and Director

  15. Photo of Margaretha Pollak

    Margaretha Pollak Screenplay

  16. Photo of Anders Birkeland

    Anders Birkeland Producer

  17. Photo of Göran Lindström

    Göran Lindström Producer

  18. Photo of Stefan Nilsson

    Stefan Nilsson Music

  19. Photo of Harald Gunnar Paalgard

    Harald Gunnar Paalgard Cinematography

  20. Photo of Tomas Täng

    Tomas Täng Editing

  21. Photo of Mona Theresia Forsén

    Mona Theresia Forsén Production Design

  22. Photo of Oscar Lovnér

    Oscar Lovnér Sound