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  1. Alp Yenibalcı's rating of the film Ashes

  2. lou.'s rating of the film Ashes

    I appreciated the general mood and feeling of this short autobio-docu, handheld camera shot, just between dream and reality, the fragmentation and sequence of images, and the sound. But still, I don't think I've got the very clue.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Ashes

    Un homme qui promène son chien, un imposant porc qui veut sortir de son enclos, une femme qui se peint les ongles des pieds, une manifestation protestataire, un spectaculaire feu d'artifice, le tout filmé avec moult solarisation et une fragmentation de l'image cadencé, pour nous faire savoir que si cette prise de vue est aussi désordonnée et foutraque, c'est qu'elle est la résultante d'un rêve !

  4. bryanvmh's rating of the film Ashes

  5. Richard Doyle's rating of the film Ashes

    I enjoyed the pretty pictures.

  6. A-H-H-H's rating of the film Ashes

  7. easypz's rating of the film Ashes

    OK, but filmmakers have done memory + heightened the everyday via flickering images forever (grainy, against sun, tinted). Still has impact, but I'm weary of it. Evocative sound compensated. Flickering feels too easy, a flashy cover for blandness, same as hyper-editing a la Bourne Ultimatum can hide flaws. Prefer long takes of AW's features, conveying painful beauty of memory + something imminent in the ordinary.

  8. inheracil's rating of the film Ashes

    Ashes to ashes, funk to funky.

  9. Philip Lyu's rating of the film Ashes

    Simply sublime. A fever dream one never wants to wake up from

  10. Ray Kril's rating of the film Ashes

    A lovely experiment of internal vision ... well done and certainly worth the watch. Not to mention a challenging political statement for those who know about Thailand...and very good use of the Lomokino camera ... see for the political discussion found in the film ...112 and the dog ...

  11. John Tan's rating of the film Ashes

    Feels like a lomography film. Beautiful soundtrack.

  12. Baderfan's rating of the film Ashes

    A brief but effective, enigmatic but scrutable, taciturn but meaningful, worldly but extra-terrestrial short film which manages completely and beautifully to distinguish the quality of the dreams and ethereal experiences from any attempt to recreate the unique senses,feelings & fantasies that they create; while the movie itself is dreamlike. In other words, to dream is to dream. / A-

  13. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Ashes

    Thank you, MUBI, for co-producing! And for showing it here. I feel very lucky to have seen this.

  14. David R Williams's rating of the film Ashes

    Fleeting images like fragments of faded memory. Watching this I wonder what the meaning is. Is the meaning in the images I see or is it in the images that I do not see? is it in the spaces outside the frame? In the end something is being celebrated but the spectators are not watching with their eyes but through the lenses of their cell phones and other optic devices. They are not making memories, they are recording.

  15. caitiello's rating of the film Ashes

    Watching this, thought about how film as a medium is inadequate for recreating memory, just as pencil is for recreating a dream: the results are jumpy, blurry, faded, no more than blocks of light on dark. Recognizable things become unrecognizable. Anyway, it's 20 minutes so watch it if you're interested in Weerasethakul and dreams/memory/light. Liked the section with the clicking best.

  16. DJ Summitt's rating of the film Ashes

    I guess I missed something.

  17. Mitch's rating of the film Ashes

    A man walks his dog past his neighbors and a pig. People are protesting next a highway. Just past the half-way point, a voice in the dark says that after drawing pictures of his hometown from memory he's given up on film. Fireworks light up the sky with words. It looks like a great student film. The film feels uneasy, fragmentary, wistful.

  18. FBS's rating of the film Ashes

    Thankful for the opportunity to see small and alternative works by great masters. I'm a huge admirer of his work, but this particular piece didn't go far enough for me. It feels like a sketch for a part of another film. Still, it's wonderful to feel like I've had a glimpse behind the scenes of an artist's process.

  19. Max Gould-Meisel's rating of the film Ashes

    Having traveled to Thailand, the sound design sticks out as authentic. This short tantalized the senses; I could almost smell the jungle. The visuals are hypnotic; it's a little jarring so watch in low res to avoid buffering issues. I really enjoyed the voice over sequence, along side the original music. Very nostalgic.

  20. roserine kenlew's rating of the film Ashes

    As a westerner flooded with photoshop-filtered images, the first ten minutes of this short were easily dismissed as a disjointed instagram-stop motion short. As the story begins to fold in on itself and the narrarator begins, I was moved by the sense of the impermanence and subjectivity of memory until we attach language--and a story--to it.

  21. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film Ashes

    A personal and intimate film that blends memory and dreams.

  22. scottirvine's rating of the film Ashes

    Feels like a misfire, if only for the jarring frame rate, which began to give me a headache only about 5 minutes in. It's a shame. Ashes feels personal and intimate, but, like a foggy memory, can only give us snapshots.

  23. Clay_Carter's rating of the film Ashes

    Not at all sure what is going on here, but I like! Mubi has been an excellent source lately for catching up with multiple works from a single director - Weerasethakul, whose name I have memorized and can not accurately spell without looking, has been notably featured. The beauty of his work is definitely refined into a short here. Perhaps it could serve as a bite size portion of what his body of work consists.

  24. Zac Weber's rating of the film Ashes

    Apichatpong asks the audience to meddle in the minutiae of memory without providing any context. As a work of art, Ashes is intriguing. As a cinematic attraction, the short film feels tedious.

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