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  1. Photo of Akira Mitsuwa

    Akira Mitsuwa Director

  2. Photo of Teruo Ishii

    Teruo Ishii Director

  3. Photo of Koreyoshi Akasaka

    Koreyoshi Akasaka Director

  4. Photo of Ken Utsui

    Ken Utsui Cast

  5. Photo of Utako Mitsuya

    Utako Mitsuya Cast

  6. Photo of Sachihiro Ohsawa

    Sachihiro Ohsawa Cast

  7. Photo of Hiroshi Hayashi

    Hiroshi Hayashi Cast

  8. Photo of Junko Ikeuchi

    Junko Ikeuchi Cast

  9. Photo of Minako Yamada

    Minako Yamada Cast

  10. Photo of Shôji Nakayama

    Shôji Nakayama Cast

  11. Photo of Minoru Takada

    Minoru Takada Cast

  12. Photo of Chisako Hara

    Chisako Hara Cast

  13. Photo of Reiko Seto

    Reiko Seto Cast

  14. Photo of Akira Tamura

    Akira Tamura Cast

  15. Photo of Takashi Watanabe

    Takashi Watanabe Cinematography

  16. Photo of Michiaki Watanabe

    Michiaki Watanabe Music

  17. Photo of Walter Manley

    Walter Manley Producer