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  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Autómata

    Good Spanish sci-fi B movie which is a lot more interesting than the US actual production in the genre. And how come not to be thankful to a film that pays homage to the man who invented all there is to know about automats: Isaac Asimov. Recommended.

  2. Andrew Sax's rating of the film Autómata

  3. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Autómata

    Trama non male con uno sviluppo riuscito ed alcune svolte non banali. Però tutto risulta troppo derivativo da altri film, senza aggiungere nulla, anche dal lato estetico. Buoni il protagonista e alcuni personaggi. Regia non male, ma con momenti scadenti, soprattutto nella parte finale, dai toni troppo religiosi. Belle ambientazioni ed alcune inquadrature interessanti, pur sapendo di già visto. Colonna sonora mediocre

  4. dario's rating of the film Autómata

  5. abc's rating of the film Autómata

    I really enjoyed this film's concept of AI. We are mostly seeing of AI films the idea that intelligence is about emotions, and basically the machines want to replicate us humans - it was a different take on AI that doesn't evolve around human perceived intelligence. Really enjoyed their DIY repairs, their learning & trust of humans with sad consequences. Were some icky moments + ending was obvious but worth watching

  6. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Autómata

    A bleached version of Blade Runner.

  7. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Autómata

    Sa già tutto di visto,da Scott a Blomgkamp,farcito di Dick e Asimov e quindi nel genere ci sta benissimo grazie anche ad un'ottima messa in scena. Peccato che dopo una mezz'oretta tutto diventi complicato,lo script apre venti sottotrame diverse e il rapporto uomo-macchina diventa da terza elementare.Cmq la cosa più brutta del film è la Griffith,una vera schifosa plastificata. Non è brutto, ma non resta impresso.

  8. runfromfire's rating of the film Autómata

    Why the hate? Yeah, some of the CGI was a bit janky and the ending sequence was laughable in it's logic but the I really liked the concept, the performance were good (aside from Melanie Griffith) and the overall payoff was solid. It ended as it should've.

  9. Jonia Caon's rating of the film Autómata

  10. msivert's rating of the film Autómata

    Clunky, but interesting.

  11. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Autómata

    Le fonti di ispirazione alte (Blade Runner, e quindi Dick, e Asimov) danno il là a questa produzione piccola ma riuscita. L'umanità è sempre peggio dei mostri che teme: è fascistoide, terrorizzata dal diverso, capace di ghettizzare il povero. La prima parte (la più riuscita) sembra quasi District 9. Lo splendore della scienza è piegato allo squallore umano. Melanie Griffith è più di plastica dei robot. 3 e 1/2

  12. Joyce's rating of the film Autómata

    This movie is BEAUTIFUL.

  13. Mehmet Ali Karar's rating of the film Autómata

    makine bedenlerin karşılığı olan robotlar, ileri yüzyıl yaşamının göstergesi olan bir kapitalizmin simgesi olan robotların, insan mücadelesinde bir uzlaşmasızlık karşısında bireyselleşmesi söz konusu. aynı zamanda bazı fotografik undurlarında yer aldığı sahneler söz konusu, izlenilesi güzel kurgusu olan bir yapım.

  14. Fabio Souza's rating of the film Autómata

    the worst movie I've seen in years

  15. Rebeca Magnus's rating of the film Autómata

  16. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Autómata

    L'ambiance poisseuse et neurasthénique laissait augurer du meilleur, mais Automata se perd vite en route a trop chercher de références chez ses prédécesseurs sans en trouver aucune et surtout sans creuser son originalité. Dommage. On aurait aimé apprecier ce petit film...

  17. Carl Penguin's rating of the film Autómata

  18. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Autómata

    The first 45 minutes are pretty good and it feels the movie is actually going places. Then the protagonist is dragged into a desert wasteland and then the story just dies... And to send four old and overweight men to fend off the imminent end of man is right out laughable considering all the snipers that shoot vagrants at the city dump. Talk about a lack of script logic.

  19. anarresti's rating of the film Autómata

    The singularity theme, in its robot vs humankind-phobia exploit has probably never produced such an interesting film. The Matrix Trilogy is cool, but mainly as a concept and because of its visual production. Automata is, surprisingly, good cinema. Good screenplay and cinematography. And an original atmosphere, at times feeling like a mix of Neill Blomkamp's robots and 1984's opressive bureaucracy and gray city life.

  20. Sefer Taslı Sapık's rating of the film Autómata

  21. Giles J Davis's rating of the film Autómata

    Another nice insight into the ever growing phenomenon that is trans-humanism. The future awaits for the worse. Beautifully created, shot and executed. If you remember under the radar 90's movies such as Slipstream and Hardware and cross it with Blade Runner and Alien franchise company-man bureaucracy, then you'll love Automata.

  22. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Autómata

    ... an unenthusiastic assembly of small ideas.

  23. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Autómata

    Planet of the Apes meets All is Full of Love. Ibanez watched Blade Runner and A.I. one time too many. Definitely better than I, Robot, but that's not saying much.